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International Terror he does spread.
The world would be a better place
With Uncle Sam DEAD.
He spreads corruption far and wide,
With his Zionist disciples at his side.
The false freedom and peace he assures
Will never reach your shores.
He only wants your resources and land.
So, never trust the words of Uncle Sam.
As his Gestapo troopers break though
Your doors … murdering your sons in
Short order while molesting your wives
And daughters, treating them as if they
Were whores, on freshly stained …blood
Soaked floors. Don’t believe his
Promises of freedom and democracy.
His false declarations are clear
Examples of his gross hypocrisy.
Empty and hollow … upon his and
His allies arrival only death and
Destruction follows.
Let their arise a Righteous Troop resolute
In the destruction of taugoot. A Party
Dedicated to do battle against those who
Oppressed the weak and poor. Let there
Arise The Party of Allah. A party who
Will fight the enemy be he near or far.

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2007

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