Babylon of Thoughts - - Part I

I lick the white petals
of my lips,
I close my eyes
for one more image
of intimacy and poison
I love pure shiny fantasies
They're always there
in front of my eyes.
I am here
the candles are slowly
burning my skin.
The essence is filling my lungs
The picture on the wall
reminds me of myself..
..and melodies, one after another
make me fall deep
inside my everything
which is eternal
I try so hard to reach
to find its beginning and its end
to find its composition, and its parts!
F--k it, I can't
at least not at this very moment
No furniture--just candles,
and thoughts
and promises
and hopes
and smiles
and death
and air
and love
and light
-the ultimate.

by Bela

Copyright @2022

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Babylon of Thoughts - - Part I