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These poem was inspired by God to show mankind their limitations
verse God's awesome power.

I God, created the earth and measured out the heavens
I commanded the wind to go stand on the water and come
dancing to shore giving me the praise
I God, stronger than he
I measured the distance from each rain drop and
told them not to overlap each other
Who can count the raindrops in a season?
I, the Lord only that stopped the numbers at the
edge of forever
I AM three days after infinity and the creator of
many times more
I AM the end of the beginning and the beginning of the
end of time after that
What's on the other side of eternity?
Give me the number of the amount of raindrops that
have ever fallen upon the face of the earth and
what's the largest number that exist and what's
the one five times bigger than that, Stop!!!
I God, the maker of thee rode on the wings of the wind
and the trees did wave back and forward giving me the praise
I God, only can measure out the hot and cold days
and give orders to the seasons
Where does eternity begin? And after forever falls in the
duration of time, I God, will still be standing
Forever was born just before the beginning and the end
will die before eternity stops, I, the God of many times
more created them
Michelangelo did build a man out of stone but the man I
built lives
My strength goes far beyond forever from the limits that
man gives me, I AM the Lord of forever, never, and always
I know the language to letters that man haven't discovered yet
Only I can stand in the mist of the lake of fire and
not be harmed because fire can't consume fire neither can
a flame overtake the Flame
Only I know the number to how old I AM
I count each raindrop and say to drop here
and drop here and the drop there
I God created eternity and can go in and out at my will

Inspired by God
copyrights 1997
Robert Anthony James



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