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Today's Haze

The fog,
Oh how it rolls
Nimbly, into an
Escapade of dreams,
Where sworn secrets
Become repugnant lies
And everything you never
Said rips through the realm
Like a scream through the
Dark night.
Where once I could see,
I am blinded by blankets
Of mist just dying to perplex me.
The vapor soothes then dies
Down as the sun breaks it apart
And the sanctity of hiding
Becomes, suddenly, a lost art.
What once was a miasma
Of murk and depth has now become
As pristine as a bright day.
Those who dwell in
Dark thoughts and cleverly
Hidden caverns now become exposed
For the deceivers they truly are.
Once the light breaks through,
And the crows of death are
Open to the elements,
A wave of black scatters, a sigh
Of relief flees, the condensation
Drips like sarcasm and finally,
You can see that it's going to be
Just another day.

January 31, 2007

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Today`s Haze

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