Perry Campanella

31,386 poems read


    Poetic Art Review ~ I call P.A.R.

    HANDsomely hung, a stunning frame
 surrounds my vision from my minds ~ eye
contact with an empty spot, upon a white wall
    rendering, a picture ~ from my vision
     I view into my crystal ball

   Only one hand from wrist-on-up,
Knuckles down - Fingers spread-wide,
holding a clear-transparent Sphere...
simply resting there,
Facing me, slender finger-tips
  Do clasp a crystal ball

Viewing this with my analytical
Eye-sight, looking right-
Into a translucent molecular cue,
        I did view

This flawless vision of ME, reversed
Right back, as a mirror reflects an exact
Image of oneself, so real to my eye

‘I see', I'm sitting there erect in this Ball
  my hand ~ a reflected hand, resting the
  knuckles on the bottom part, also…
inside the spherical Cue, I have had seen

Thumb - to thumb and pinky-to-pinky,
my outstretched arm with palm-up…
    extends, pretty-nifty…
inside-outside HANDS, barely touching
between the two image-hands, a space
separating the knuckle from the palm…
the outside hand is holding the crystal-ball,

a ceiling inside curved-round, at the top
one window at the far-side provides a feel,
of open-space, patent leather chairs,
         are real,~ sprawled about…
a coffee table, book-shelves hung…
concave and rounded, my-eye did span around

     All this inside a Vision-Framed,
   Sphere-Ball, held in a single-hand
         With pictures within...
       My visional crystal ball...
       'a picture hung on my wall'

This time my vision has no moral at all…
     No conclusion, simply,
    A poetic ‘Vision on my wall'.