ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Political strumpet,libidinous whore
Every crevice a receptacle especially
the back door
The statue of liberty a predatory
Prostitute in actions and deeds
Standing straight, on her back,
Bent over ... or down on her knees
Mother to ameriKKKan politicians,
Murderers and thieves
Slut extraordinaire creating the
Poor and homeless ... a huddle mass
Friend only to the bourgeois class
She stands as the symbol upon which
ameriKKKan values are built
Destroying entire nations
Without moral guilt ...
Lover to Kings and petty potentates
Spreading her overfed thighs
Spreading lies ... causing innocent
Lives to die
Lady liberty diseased and infected
In both heart and mind
Exploiting lands of others stealing
Their natural resources
Bullying the world with her military forces
Maggots blinding her vision ...
Making disastrous political and
Military decisions
Half dead with flies swarming about
Her head, putrid odor she exudes
Her citizens she continues to delude ...
As they die for that bubbling black crude
Believing they are at war to spread
Democracy ... victims of Lady Liberty's hypocrisy
She has the HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea ...
Infecting all who come near
With pus running down her over fed fat funky thighs
Don't believe her lies
What she offers you as HEAVEN
In reality is A LIVING HELL
So, to her never surrender ALWAYS REBEL
Lady Liberty an infectious whore to the world
Inticing all to her filthy ways
Spreading herself to anyone who'll pay...
With their soul

Abu lateef

Copyright ©2007


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