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To the Chief and his Elli

E mail from Mickey Jackson,
First contact for forty years;
Thank the lord for this internet
As another old friend re appears.
Mickey Jackson attached a photograph
And I am back in yesterday
Gazing at the Chief and his Elli
On an Effeld Carnival day.

I had forgotten how young they were
Though to me they then seemed so old.
I nearly caused a fight in their bar
But they didn't even scold,
Just picked me up
And brushed me down
To return to my role
Of the drunken clown.

Now they look at me from this photo;
The chief with that same crooked grin,
And his Elli, his beautiful Elli,
And I can hardly take it in.
They fed me when I didn't eat
Tried to control my drinking spree
Acted for all the world
Like a brother and sister to me.

The Chief was my mate,
Elli I loved from afar,
Taking in her beauty
As I lounged at their bar.
I never did say goodbye
To them and other friends
Fate has this awful way
Of changing expected ends.

But Mickey Jackson sent me an e-mail.
First contact for forty years,
And I see the Chief and his Elli
Through sentimental tears,
And I hope they had good lives;
Hope maybe they are still here.
Here's a toast to the Chief and his Elli
Drunk with ein kliene Bitburger Bier

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