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Twenty-two hours away from me
Do you feel the peace of free?
Didn't even call me once
Sit here knowing I'm a dunce

Your puppet on a string
Takes whatever you may bring
Gives back one-hundred ten percent
Until she's all but spent

To sleep the day away
Because all night she will stay
Alone at a nurses' station
Working during the inflation

Of the man who once was here
Now he's over there
Going home to another woman
In my heart, I don't know what's comin'

If he's coming back
Why he can't take up the slack
Of me, when I am so tired
When he's there, I'm fired

From the touch of him
It all goes back to them
Every week day I am forsaken
No wonder my poor soul is breakin'

Down, all the love that I had
It's Monday, the poetry's again sad
Tomorrow both too tired to be together
This is the kind of man to weather

The sun after the storm
The touch that's big and warm
The daylight comes, my friend
You're at work as I sleep again

Twenty-two hours
After the powers
Of you are gone
Alone again, write heartunes song.

3/5/2007 1700 cj

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