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Parents failing! Society failing! System failing!
Children failing in school
The teachers say, "it ain’t me,
It’s the administrators not the faculty!
Distant ... from classroom reality

Sitting on planning Boards ...
Manipulating teachers,
Like a wan'na be musician unsure of his chords

Enemy schools turn the brightest into fools
A system dominated by educated fools
Trained in uneducated schools

By design ... turning off the light in young minds
Too much tolerance of sin ... violence begins
Blind in one eye ... the other can not see
Distant from classroom reality

Administrators in the background ... at the helm
Teachers are over whelmed
PRODUCT ... mis-educated clowns

Teachers on the front lines bearing the brunt
In search of knowledge ... students hunt
Some parents are completely off the hook ...
Lacking parenting skills ... creating baby-crooks

Born detoxing from crack cocaine
Central nervous system never normalizing
No one ever realizing ... why the child acts insane

Setting no guidelines or rules ... leaving discipline to
The courts and schools ... creating juvenile offenders
Their freedom soon to surrender
Caught in the blender

Parents failing! School Boards failing!
Mayors failing! Governors failing! President failing!
Teachers failing! Preachers failing! Society failing!
The system is failing! Is there any wonder why our
Children are failing?

Having to repeat a grade ... repeat ... repeat a grade
Repeat ... Repeat Offenders ... caught up in this blender
Swept up in the mix doing drugs for kicks ... young girls
Un-wed Mommas ... trapped in a trick

Single parent families abound ... No man around
No rules to be found ... needing money ... selling butter ...
To get that cheese ... police hollering FREEZE ...

Down on your knees, hands behind your head ...
Or end up like Fred ... trying to make that money ...
Never knowing Life is not a joke nor is it funny

Used as tools to build prisons from within ...
one crime at a time committing sin again and again ...
It is not kool to send helpless children into
These factories of mis-education, mis-information,
Creating New Millennium Plantations ...
The scourge our people and nation

The great shaytan is no friend
Enemy schools will render them
Apostates in the end ... CAUSE
They're design is to ruin the brightest ...
Turning them into fools ...

Must be no more dislocation and fracture in our unity
Must unite with those in authority ...
Not with the man but amongst ourselves in harmony
Their design is to rob us of our off-spring
Perpetually enslaving them to submit to their thing

Building more prisons giving out time
Providing jobs for those in rural communities
Prison ... a money making business ... booming
Our children through faulty education they are grooming
INMATES ... can you relate ... don't hesitate ...
Cause it to STOP ... more libraries ... not COPS

Get in touch, You are needed much, it will help a bunch
No clue, no hunch, parents come in from lunch ...
Parents Stop lunch’n

Teachers failing! Preachers failing! Society failing!
The system is failing! Is there any wonder why
Our children are failing?

Having to repeat a grade ... repeat ... repeat a grade
Repeat ... Repeat Offenders ... PRISON

Replete with those who repeat
Repeat in school ... left down ... left back ...
Falling through the cracks

Never becoming spiritually or intellectually fed,
Hands behind your head ... Sentenced to do SEVEN
And a half to ELEVEN ... It is un-kool to send helpless
Children into the devils den
The great shaytan is no friend

Don’t let your children be USED as tools
To build rural ameriKKKa's
"New Cash Crop Economy"
That’s based around Inmates ... Snatched up as
A commodity
Victimize by a Cruel society

Hand cuffed, locked up, beat down and and stored
Where none can see ... emerging as convicts
Fresh parolees

Teach your own before you send them out the door ...

Or Simply ... don't give birth to any more!

Abu lateef

Copyright ©2007

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