Pete's poems from the night.

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Death on highway infinite.

Hot desert highway
Soul long evicted
Upon a roadside
Death visited.

A screaming echo
Haunts hereabout
For darkness came
A light went out.

A lifeless tree
Petrified almost
A witness maybe?
Or clueless host.

Nonchalant vulture
With time to kill
Bored with life
Death is his thrill.

From his airy view
A grasping hand
From a dying root
He surveys the land.

Eyes meet and lock
Gazing deep,hypnotic
Thoughts are grazed
Come ugly and chaotic.

Wings open and spread
Through my peripheral
A legion of darkness
Engulfs me whole.

Crying out eyes open
A cooling fan rotates
pictured dogs playing a hand
Give a look perplexed.

Sight returns
Shaking with cold fever
Nerves to breaking point
In a room I don't remember.

A voice in the dark
'Well done a journey
Almost complete
To where your Angels
are buried deep'.

Reassembling this hovel
From a memory scattered
I search for direction
From a reason shattered.

Desperate to leave
Passing the sweaty lizard
A heaving hulk glued to tv
Waiting for patronage.

I flick an amount worthy
Of fake paintings and grime
He moves with an agility
Belying his unhealthy size.

A wall of heat hits me square
Limply swing doors fan me
Entering a surreal street
Denying sense a true reality.

A procession of Sunday best
Upstanding with gruesome heads
Ignorant to their bells toll
I'm the figure to detest.

Walking away from faith
Confident in my ignorance
Toward an uncertain prize
Of a gamblers chance.

I head out of town
A chill of shadow overwhelms
As a vulture glides overhead
Thoughts of confused dark realms.

I follow a desolate road
A mind wanders,alien
Once familiar to surroundings
I no longer lay claim.

Bones float beside the road
Parched of life, laughing
A skull of hysterical aspect
Poking fun in silent mocking.

Visions of waking one night
With dread, a journey beckoned
Leaving behind all I knew
Now distant from my mind.

In a wilderness so abstract
At breaking point, feeling used
Another life exists within
One so spiritually abused.

Voices, though not for me
Urging on this silent other
One detached, part of my confusion
Full of abuse, rape and murder.

My hands awash with blood
I see bodies laid orderly
A world brushes my eyes
Teasing with understanding.

Such wilful slaughter practised
Flesh bursting from wounds
A flashing memory?No not I!
Insanity is to take me soon.

Leaving behind the family
Serene with the violence
Overcome by a smile forming
Not from my conscience.

Trying to outrun this madness
Veils of sanity flutter away
My head burns from within
This mind's rapid decay.

A voice screams of freedom
Collapsing precious reality,
I am inside myself being evicted
Upon a hot desert highway.