Straight To The Heart

In Jesus Name

Do you ever really wonder
just who Jesus is
Or wonder why He'd want us
to be forever His

Do you ever stop and think
about how those nails felt
Or how the pain was inflicted
as on His knees He knelt

Are you ever really amazed
at how He fed the multitude
Or why and how those soldiers
had to be so very crude

God gave His only Son
to be crucified in shame
So all we'd have to do
is pray, ĎIn Jesus Name'

Have you ever looked into the sky
and wondered how those stars were hurled
Or to think that in just seven days
God created this whole world

Getting back to think about
how they pierced Him in His side
Jesus never turned away to run
but gave up the Ghost and died

How Mary must have called out
her Son by His name
Or how she must have looked at Him
and hung her head in shame

To think of how He died
in such horror, yet so true
The only reason Jesus died
was to give His life for you

We rush and rush around each day
to make our little deals
Do we ever stop and wonder
just how our Jesus feels

Maybe next time that you're dwelling
on the things that will soon be past
You  will stop and realize
only Salvation will last

That's why Jesus bleed and died
His blood they did spill
It was all for our Salvation
Our price, to do His will

© 2007 Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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In Jesus Name

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