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"Jigsaws" is one of those Philosophical verses about time... and how our living energies interact with the elements of the universe.

Pieces of multidimensional cubic jigsaws.
Large numbers of irregular shaped interlocking Piscean timed pieces.
Move throughout the curtains of time.
Exploring the vast seas of interlocking Kelp forests.
Jigsaws pieces of floating incursions, intertwining in the rivers of time.
Each timed event finds a moment in which to fit.
Many pieces of fluidic time bubbles moving inter dimensionally.
To complete pictures of time.
Living energy swimming between.
The future in the past...
The past in the present...
The present...
Everywhere in fluidic space.

Jigsaws pieces that have their cubic moments in time.
Spiraling whirlpools of spinning vortices's.
Of alternating soft blue and white shaped diamond lights.
Corkscrew in-wards and collapse on itself, with a soft blue bang.
Pieces of left-handed Pisceans reverberating acoustic sounds.
Echoing back and forth throughout the mists of time.

Turn the spiral clock back to zero.
Start a new groundhog day.
Layer upon layer captures new jigsaw images.
Caught magically in a fireflies glowing trails.
Inspired by the intensity of focused energies.
Sliding into timed zones of pure genius.
Being at one with all surrounding energies.
Each moment is a bubble caught in time.
The possibilities are endless.

 Copyright Hud 2005-2012 Writer/Poet/Philosopher.

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