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He can't offer me a chair
Warm covers on his bed in there
He can't offer my mouth a drink
Can't say come on over to sink

Into this place where we can soar
Because his house with her means more
Than all the love I have to give
It's more important that he live

Out there with her in Athena town
Baby, I'm not allowing it to put me down
And you can be as sweet as you want to be
But it doesn't change the fact that he

Cannot fully be my man
He never seems to understand
That as he lives there with the other
He puts out the fire of this lover

He can't go on alone
Be like me just one at home
Who's half asleep writing the rhymes
Everyday about the times

That he cannot give her
What she needs
Goes on as they were
No matter how she pleads.

3/12/2007 1800 cj

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