Mairead, Danny, and Sean

                                   Mairead, Danny, and Sean                    16. 03. 1988

Innocent till proven guilty, in Ireland or so they say
This law is for loyalists only, as nationalists with their life they pay
Eight murdered volunteers of Loughall, did join the martyrs roll
At Auchnacloy, Mc Anespies life was added to the toll
The British army, with the S.A.S., in their cruel illegal way
Decided to eliminate our people, who live without freedom each day
At Gibraltar, another colony, held by the British crown
On that rock of death, Britain's hand did gun three people down
No guns or weapons the three did have, they killed them just the same
An act carried out, by a death squad, in truly British style
Mairead, Danny, and Sean, found guilty without a trial
Sentenced to death by British forces, they died by a paid killers gun
We remember you brave men and women, at your death your flag was denied
The Irish people will never forget you, we respect you, God Bless you, you tried
We remember Gibraltar with sadness, but the struggle must carry on
Many Irish will follow your footsteps; we're still here, though many have gone

                                     Gerrard McGeachy

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