The Glasgow Irish

                   The Glasgow Irish                    December 3, 1987

Irish songs with good intention, in America they're special and always mention
Places with Irish people, like Boston and New York
The American constitution, they praise without intervention
How great the land of America is, with their power and their wealth
No mention of the Glasgow Irish with unemployment and public health
In many songs they are forgotten, the Gorbals and the London Road
How many men have fought for Ireland in Glasgow streets at night
They founded Glasgow Celtic, to show and start the fight
With their numbers they fought the system, a system that did not care
So remember the Irish in Glasgow, they are your greatest friends
You know they'll always support you, without the glamour and the fame
We are your closest neighbors, we're part of the Patriots Game
We'll always support the island of Ireland; each man, one and all
If our mother home is in need again, we'll answer Irelands call

                               Gerrard McGeachy

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