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 Choosing Friends

Sometimes in life we make choices
And later we regret our own vices
God brings people who come our way
But we get hung up on what they say

They only want to show us God's love
Jesus did that when He came from above
We need to learn to give people a chance
Maybe they can help us with a circumstance

We live in a broken and evil, fallen world
All because of Satan's darts that are hurled
Life is tough and we cannot make it on our own
God is always there and we are never all alone

We all need those earthly friends that we make
Never take them for granted for goodness sake
Even if your only connection is by cyberspace
At least you know they care about your rat race

So learn to look beyond the faults of others
Don't be afraid to get to know one another
The good in a person can be evident to see
We will never know if we turn away and flee

Written by Carol Salter on 3/17/07

(Changed poem title on 3/18/07)

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