This Neverending Story!

This Neverending Story is a journey through our lives;
It has a hundred thousand twists and turns.
It tells us of, what could have been or what never really was:
Yet it shows us all the roads we've travelled on.

It takes us through a labyrinth of many hidden thoughts,
Meandering sometimes along the way.
There is mystery and intrigue, there's adventure and there's fun;
Yet it never, ever ceases to amaze!!!

This Neverending Story is a biography of fate;
Revealing the decisions we have made.
It shows us where we've made mistakes and how to rectify;
It's amazing what we read on every page.

I would like to pose a question to each and everyone,
There are yet so many chapters still to write.
"Will you look at life afresh, perhaps take another route?
You're the one with all the hidden clues!

This Neverending Story will continue on and on!
We have to take it with us when we go.
I suggest each page be scripted in a very special way;
After all the leading role, is YOU!!!

Copyright March 19th 2007 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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This Neverending Story!

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