Could it be you and me or the enemy see,
Could it be God and me with my trust I
have in him to be.
One way for you to find out about it,
is ask me...I know what it's going to
be,we have only two choices in life so
which one do you think it could be!

In this case my friend my choice could
be,without God in my life I would'nt
be able to achieve see,let alone tell
you how it could be...

Just to remind you so you'll know,
God's love and creation of this
world with you and me,made all
thing's possible through Him
giving us a choice in this
world we be.

Who could it be for me? His name
is Almighty God and not could it
be...Read John 3:16 to tell you
what it could be,I chose this
path to follow to save me...
not the choice of could it be.

Pleasing,trusting,and believing
in God is wonder's for me,save
yourselves from satan,or it will
be your could it be.

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