Life Dreams / Lucid Living (c) 2003

Midnight Lunch

Night's long dark fingers read the face of the sky,
Obliterating blue, light and clouds

Behind a bookcase,
Breathless feline crunching

Cielito lindo hosts a thousand star crowds

Behind the same bookcase
A persistent feline crunching

Velvet and brilliant in its little black dress
Night does not apologize nor does it confess

There, behind that bookcase
A midnight feline lunching

Long hours dip down through thick night's black light
Wearing brand new, ripped ragged shrouds

And over there by the bookcase
Winged creatures come buzzing,
Winged creatures are gathering,
Winged creatures are greedy and lunching

Daytime sleeps in the voracious arms
Of the twilight of long-forgotten gods

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Midnight Lunch

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