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 From the Heart Through the Pen

Destiny, Dreams, Soul Mates

As I lay down
I toss and turn
And soon I drift off
Slumber takes control
I'm in a whole new world
On a new journey is where I'm bound

I fly towards Heaven
For an Angel beckoned me
She asked if I believed in fate
If I truly had faith
I told her yes I most certainly do
But right now in life
It is pretty hard too
She asked to show me some things
So I said yes

She then revealed Destiny
An inevitable course of events
Beyond one's control
It took hold
Of my mind, body, heart, and soul
She told me this
Might seem familiar
But of what she meant
I was unsure

She told me
It tied in with my Dreams
A wild hope or fantasy
She said I know
These you have seen
You know they can come true
I told her
Of what you talk about
I have no clue

She then showed me Soul Mates
Overshadowed by a steeple
Two people compatible
With each other
In disposition, viewpoint and sensitivity
So full of Love
Strong yet vulnerable
But their faces almost blurry

She said
Now this should
Hit close to home
I asked what she meant
For I was alone
Then she was gone
And soon I awoke
As in streamed the bright light
Of the sun

And for a moment I froze
As tears came to my eyes
It was then I realized

Fate and Destiny
They overpowered somebody
Their wildest hopes and fantasies
Were their best moments of happiness
Those Dreams did come true
Those two people
In the background with the steeple
I can now see their face
Those people so deep in love
Those two predestined Soul Mates
My tears now falling free
Just like the Soul Mates love
Those two people Baby Doll
Are you and me

☼MOI☼  30 Mar 06

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