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AS your standing here in human form
you may wonder will I be re-born
Many scriptures say this is nay
in flesh there's only one time you play

I believe in our form and it's incarnation
to live this life over would be total frustration
Because if you knew your last life quite well
telling it to others could be a living hell

I believe I've been here before
by either flesh or a subliminal door
I've gone to places I that I've never been
yet, everyone treated me like a long lost friend

Many go to a psychic about their lives of the past
the things that they tell me are quite a blast
Seems everyone reading says they were royalty
without pauper's ditch diggers of homeless to see.

I believe in believing and this is my code
without belief they'll be no futures to hold
We all came from a singular source
we'll live forever in infinity of course

But, as for the term re-incarnation
why would we want to repeat this sensation
Re means to do over as far as I see
You need to evolve to truly be free

22 March 2007
TPT (Truth Peace Tranquility)

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