Mark Sinnis Lyrics

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Faceless Lies

I know in my mind
I will see it in time
Inside there it waits, it waits
Where worlds collide
Turn a blind eye and hide
From a faceless lie
Where a new vision lives
Where an old one dies

Thoughts that haunt me
Waiting there for me
Just choose to forget
You can close your eyes
But you can't deny it
Blind fate decided years ago
Blind fate
Is it yours?

Surrounded bound me
All that I see are scars by your truth
Dig deeper and deeper inside me
This hell all my searching
It all seems in vain

Hell waits in my mind
Ego's twisting and burning
Where all dreams die
Where death takes it's turn

Voices cry
Soul screams, trapped
Lost inside
All your lies
All your faceless lies