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 Out of Touch with God (Part 1)

There is danger in being out of God's Will
You are opening the door for Satan and evil
Taking the wrong path leads to a dead end
Do not be fooled and deceived, my friend

In the Bible we see the life of David and Saul
Repeated sin caused them to stumble and fall
Remember David was a man after God's heart
Saul, as the first king, pleased God at the start

So what happened that brought their demise?
As a way of escape, sin appealed to their eyes
Part one is about Saul, the first of these two men
Part two is David, as we look closer at their sin

Later in Saul's reign, he did not do what God asked
He partially obeyed God, but did not finish the task
Because of his disobedience and continual sin
God punished Saul and took His Spirit from him

When David killed Goliath with a stone and a sling
Saul became jealous and knew David would be king
From that moment on and the rest of Saul's days
He was determined to hunt and kill David always

Saul faced a big crisis and called to God in despair
But God did not listen to him or answer his prayer
Saul had hardened his heart with unconfessed sin
He really needed God but he found no peace within

Take this as a warning to repent from your evil ways
When you get in a mess, God may not listen always
Do not think for a moment you can live your own life
Then expect God to rescue you from all of your strife

Psalm 66:18 (NASB)
If I regard wickedness in my heart, the Lord will not hear.

Written by Carol Salter on 3/25/07

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