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Five Vs Two

I still don't understand,
It has never been explained,
What is it we did so wrong,
For you to inflict so much pain?
Why even bother keeping us?
We're so F*****G bad,
We drive you to drink,
We make you mad,
Your blind beyond belief,
Your a pathetic evil witch,
Each time i think of you.
It makes me F*****G sick!
I'm at you daddy,
I thought you were stronger,
Maybe 30yrs of her has weakend you,
After only 21 i can't take it any longer.
I miss you so much,
But you choose her,
Emotional blackmail is hard to ignore,
Reject it f you dare.
You keep telling yourself he loves you mother,
Because that's all you have left,
The five children you once had,
Could'nt give a S**T if you were dead.
It's a shame really,
How all the bad memories erase the good,
But the blame is on us,
We understood!
Just look at where we are,
Compared to you,
You never aided our fortune,
You never had a clue,
None of us have confined in you for years,
For our weaknesses are your weapon,
Use after use of them,
Our love has drained for you! Gone!
We have tried to help so many times,
But your a spoilt alcoholic,
You say your upbringing was bad,
Yet you have never mentioned it?
It's funny how you can always find an exuse for your drink,
it's funny how you are using your own mother this time, when she isn't here to defend herself.
How low will you steep?
Your seriously F*****D up,
If you can't have yr own way,
You try and F**K everyone else up!
If yu wanted daddy all to yourself,
Why have us at all?
You have been jelous of us and him from the start,
Your moto.."F**K you all!"
Your making us ill
And you can't see,
Why we don't want to wake up in the morning,
It's because from you, we will never be free....
You brought this on yourself,
And listen to it you must....
The bottom line is to you both,
You chose the bottle of us! THANKS.

Tara Bennett

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