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 For those who love me

1. Should i lay my head to rest,
   Would you think it best?
2. Should i stop my heart from beating.
   Would you think it cheating?
3. Should it be darkness that i long,
   Would you think i'm wrong?
4. Should i accept i'll never win,
   Would you think it a sin?
5. Should a free soul be my wish,
   Would you think it selfish?
6. Should i not want to take anymore pain,
   Would you think i should get up and fight again?
7. Should i think of myself when deciding what to do,
   Would you think i should think of you?
8. Should i say i've had enough,
   Would you think i should be more tough?
9. Should i choose to flee forever,
   Would you think you'd forgive me never?
10. Should i choose to close my eyes,
    Would you think of your own cries?
11. Should i choose to quit the game,
    Would you keep my picture in a frame?
12. Should i choose to take my last breath,
    Would you think i deserved my death?
13. Should i choose for any of you me to never see.
    Would you think you hated me?
14. Should i choose i want to end it,
    Would you think you couldn't accept it?
15. Should i want my illness to go away,
    Would you tell me to face it day by day?
16. Should i choose i want to go,
    Would you think of the reasons you already knew?
17. Should i choose to kiss my children goodbye,
    Would you think of me or them when you cry?
18. Should i choose to sleep instead of lying awake?
    Would you think i was everything but fake?
19. Should i choose my good over your bad,
    Would you think of all the happy times we had?
20. Should i choose to look down from above,
    Would you think i could never have loved?
21. Should i choose to wave to you all,
    Would you agree my life was never a ball?
22. Should i choose to end those days i cry,
    Would you think i didn't try?

You have answered the 22 questions of my 22 years,
Now look at those questions written through my tears,
I have asked these questions because i have thought of you,
How will you react and what will you do?
If you know me you will understand my questions,
If you know me you will understand my actions,
You will all act differently....i guess,
That does not mean i love you back any less.
"Tara" means star in the sky,
So look for me when you need to cry,
I'll be there smiling, because you are my friends,
I'll love and protect you always until eternity ends.
Thankyou for being in my life.

Tara Bennett

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