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 Out of Touch with God (Part 2)

Now let us look at David for the rest of the story
Notice the ways he went astray from God's glory
Put yourself in his place and see what you would do
Learn from his mistakes and avoid those things too

David needed an escape plan so he would not die
In order to cover up his tracks, he told lie after lie
David was walking on his own and apart from God
It only led to more trouble on the path that he trod

The priest in Nob knew something was wrong
When David came alone with no one else along
David lied saying he was on a mission for the king
He did not have time to gather a weapon to bring

They give him the sword he used when the giant fell
He escapes to Gath but the people know him very well
The sword on his belt, he starts acting like a mad man
He is afraid and becomes crazy to get away if he can

He flees to a cave where he meets 400 crazy men
They are in debt, unhappy or disquieted within
David helps them but later David is in despair
The pressure is way too much for him to bear

David was so depressed, he gave into his enemies
By seeking refuge in the land of the Philistines
He is in trouble when asked to fight against his men
Whether he says yes or no, there was no way to win

David went from killing a giant with a sling and sword
To the worst crisis of his life not walking with the Lord
In his despair, he listened to what he heard himself say
Instead of trusting and praying to God to show the way

In summary, there is a big difference between David and Saul
Saul had a heart of stone, but David knew God was over all
They both made mistakes, but they were human like you and I
God rescued David continually, but Saul's sin caused him to die

Written by Carol Salter on 3/26/07

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