Original in Tamil by Late Mouli, Bangalore
           Translated by

What if he wears the holy ash?
What if he wears the holy Nama?
What if  he chants the holy Koran?
What if he visits the Vatican?
What if he wears the three fold thread?
What if he has a front based tuft?
What if he shaves off his head?
What if he wears baskets of flowers?
What if he wears those ochre robes?
What if he establishes holy societies?
What if he chants the holy Vedas?
What if he talks the Hindu philosophy?
What if he chants Gayathri learned from murmuring in his ears?

Does the steel pot know the taste of food?
Does the memorized chant make him understand God?

When will these headless men,
Who are attached to the container,
And not the contents wake up?

Hey innocent ones who do not know,
That these are but steps,
“Don't you realize that knowledge,
Of God is something above,
To which these steps lead?”

Will a good poem be ever born,
In debased thoughts?
Will your God ever shine,
In your handicapped mind?

If your mind is full of love,
If your words do not hurt any one,
If your actions do not lead to erosion,
That God who is basis of all,
Would merge in your soul,
And would be there forever,
Like the notes merge with the soulful music.

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