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 Why Ask Questions?

The reason I ask questions is because I care
I want others to know God is always there
People are hurting and need to be shown love
That only comes from God the Father above

I could not find God at all in my own way
No matter how hard I searched day to day
Only God knows the ways of every man
By His Spirit He revealed to me God's plan

Then I had to make a choice to believe
Before salvation I could freely receive
As a sinner, I realized He took my place
My sins He paid I am forgiven by His grace

The Holy Spirit came when I asked Him in
He alone gives me hope and peace within
Now I know my eternal destiny is secure
My final home will be in heaven for sure

Even God continued to ask questions of Job
You see Job had become arrogant and bold
So God had to put Job back in his right place
Where was Job when He put the stars in space?

Questions allow people to look in their heart
That is the source where our thoughts start
It is up to them to do what they feel is right
I can only point them to the Truth and Light

My mission in life is to share what is true
The Bible is my source in all I say and do
If people are troubled by what I say and ask
It may be God's Spirit speaking to them at last

(Read Job 38-42 you can access the passage through the link below);&version=31;

Written by Carol Salter on 4/2/07

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