Heart Of The Matter

Two Poets, Wed

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Two poets,
Stand upon a golden shore,
Bound in love and light,
For ever more,
A preacher acts as witness,
To the deed,
Two poets sanctify,
Their hour of need,

True trusted friends,
Observe the sacred scene,
The Holy Scriptures,
Golden, evergreen,
Two poets,
Pledge their vows,
To God above,
Two poets lost,
Eternally, in love,

The tide provides,
The chorus for their song,
They speak the thoughts,
Held secret for so long,
Words spoken quietly,
Clearly understood,
Words written only,
As, two poets could.

A simple band of gold,
Received in kind,
Two poets,
Leaving loneliness behind,
Two poets hand to hand,
And head to head ..

Upon a golden shore,
Two poets wed.

Linda Harnett, 2007

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Two Poets, Wed

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