SWEETSWORDS 57 [ Tempest and Flame ]

SWEETSWORDS 57 [Tempest and flame]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Purpose of the lamp is to give light,
Not to hide from viewer's sight.
Purpose of lamp is to give light,
Not to hide from dark night.
Purpose of the lamp is to glow,
Not for seekers sight to swallow.
Purpose of the lamp is to eliminate the self,
To illuminate the other.
Purpose of the lamp is to burn the self,
To brighten the view of the observer.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
Does God exist,
How to exhibit the hidden,
Sight is the proof of light.
Saturday Fifth April Two Thousand and Eight.
Place up the lower Hampstead down the high gate.
Time one am and I am an alien,
I came from outer space to learn Truth of God,
From the earthen Human.
I am the UFO the Ummah from overlook,
I came to this earth looking for the heavenly book.
I went into the library,
Toward section where sign saying religion.
I saw four book there with the sacred sermon.
It was books of Hindu, Muslim,
Christian and Jew.
Therefore I divided them with time and space,
From old to new from where to who.
Through logic and understanding iI found Al Quran,
The last book is the uncorrupted word of God.
And other three genuine Word of God,
Has been altered by the Human fraud.
Yet not a jot of ancient scriptures are lost even a bit,
All are preserved in Al Quran as almighty Allah's writ.
I found the guidance to save my world,
And I found emotions overtook me,
As the tears came wave upon wave fold upon fold.
I felt obliged to show my gratitude to the humanity.
To say thank you God,
For this blessing of magnitude left with your custodian of Divinity.
I thought should I dance or shall I sing,
Or shall I just cry for this bounteous blessing.
Shall I slaughter all the Burakh every single Unicorn,
Or shall i just sit and do contemplation and meditation.
What rites and rituals shall do,
For this holy of all hollies divine of all divine.
I thought answer must be in Al Quran,
With its true Islamic sign.
I found Salah was prescribed,
Upon every Muslim five times a day.
But what is Salah is it singing dancing praising,
Or some devotional play.
There was nothing there in Al Quran,
To show how to practice what all must perform.
And I am sure Al Quran is the Allah's book,
For all the creation the book of wisdom.
But from where I came from.
We all agree on knowledge and virtues,
And overall the good deed.
But we dispute on the system of worship,
What all cannot be agreed.
We worship many wrong Gods,
Beside one right Allah.
We too have part and portion of Al Quran,
We too have Pontiff, Pundit and Mullah.
Therefore I knew because Al Quran is the word of God.
Therefore there must be the Prophet who received it from his Divine Lord.
And he will know how to perform Salah,
He will know to praise and glorify Allah.
I knew it is not one book,
But I must take two.
Al Quran the body,
And Al Hadis its Ruh.
Saturday Fifth April Two Thousand and Eight.
I saved me and my Dunia,
By learning Al Hadis before it was too late.