SWEETSWORDS 96 [The Testimonies of the Trees ]

SWEETSWORDS 96 [The Testimonies of the Trees ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
There it stood the hypothetical tree.
From ground of past direction,
Projecting our future decree.
There it stood the hypothetical lote.
With Earthen seeds,
And Heavenly human fruit.
With It's petal planets and floral stars.
Branches of galaxies,
Upon the trunk of heavenly spheres.
Its sprouting green shoot,
Came through its golden seed.
There it stood on the last horizon,
With its first environ need.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
Blind musician,
And visible sound,
Insensible sky,
And sensuous ground.
Careless heart,
And cautious head.
Ideological living,
And spiritually dead.
Blind musician,
And listener eye.
Solid ground,
And shallow sky.
Metaphysical Marrifath,
And Shariathic science.
Physical assurance,
And spiritual reliance.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta :From the first Dimensional line of the Moses Staff,
Comes the second dimensional handle.
It said I have the singular cubical diagram,
With matching design of the Muhammadi Sandal.
It said I am of the silent tree,
With the symbolic sermon.
From the first dimensional line of the Moses's Staff,
Comes the second dimensional handle.
It said I am the diagram of the Arsh of Allah,
By the design of Muhammadi Sandal.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : This humans are deaf.
So I don't send them voice mail,
But to them I sent the textual ref.
Yet the blind cannot see,
What comes by design.
This deaf dumb and blind will never understand,
The Ne Science Na Laynn.
They fail to fashion.
How leaf and flowers are speaking,
In pentagonal and hexagonal sermon.
By the golden ratio,
How leaf flower and petal are in arrangement.
Because without design of Sandal,
There no development.
One Creator send his revelation
The one and only sign.
The divine digram of
the blessed Ne Science Na Laynn.