Full-stops tell me "Take a breath."
Commas too, but shorter.
But for colons, I'm not sure
I put them where I oughter.

Question marks are asking something,
'How?' or 'Why?' or 'Where?'
Colons should be good for something:
Should I put one there?

Exclamation marks are great,
Like shouting on the page!!!!!
But when I use colons:
It sends teacher in a rage:!

Hyphens help me join up words
To make another-one.
Maybe colons go with them
To make the words look:-:fun!!!

Speech marks show the start and end
Of what a person said.
Teacher said "No colons, please!
They drive me off my head!!!!"

Colons don't make any sense,
They're mad, and what is more,
I bet you cannot tell me
What a SEMI-colon's for!!!!!!!!

George Ansell

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