SWEETSWORDS 47 [ The Supernatural Sunnah ]

SWEETSWORDS 47 [ The Supernatural Sunnah ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
As they dined ant eggs,
As white as pearl,
They chitter chatter about theirs future progeny,
Would be boy or girl.
As they came home,
The broken empty nest.
They saw they too have been visited,
By the egg robber guest.
They flew hither dither,
Till they saw him.
There he sat with his Shahaba,
The Proohet of Allah,
Muhammad Sallel lahu Alahi Wasallim.
They cried of to Prophet of all Prophets Muhammadur Rasulullah.
They said you have been sent as the mercy to all creations,
By our Creator Rahmatullah.
To you we plead Ya Rasulullah,
We have been robbed by some uninvited guest.
He stole our progenitive invest.
He broke in and stole our eggs,
From our tree top shelter.
Oh Prophet have mercy upon us,
As my Mrs have passed her prime, And I have passed my milter.
The Prophet spoke saying
I have been informed by this birds.
I heard theirs conversation by theirs own words.
In the name of Allah,
I can hear them as they begs.
Some one have taken theirs progenitive eggs.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
From the crowd rose the hunter,
With amazement and wonder.
For him awe is not the broken homes
And the chattering of birds.
But how did the birds understood,
Muhammad is the only person who will understand theirs words.
How did they knew among the crowd.
To circle only above his head,
And to him cry aloud.
From the crowd among the companion,
A hunter rose with the Shahada,
In confirmation.
Indeed you are the Prophet of Allah.
La ilaha illel la,
Muhammadur Rasulullah.
Complaining camel Says,
Ya Muhammadur Rasulullah,
Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim.
Please save me from this man,
Who causes me the pain extreme.
When I was young healthy and strong.
He used to treat me well,
He done me no wrong.
But since I have passed my prime.
My master treats me badly
As I have committed some crime.
Only crime I committed,
That I have became old and sick.
I no longer can carry the same load,
Because I don't have same strength now,
As I am old and weak.
Now he deprives me of food and shelter,
He deprives me of my basic need.
Complaining camel Says,
Ya Muhammadur Rasulullah,
Please save me from this man's cruelty and greed.
Sobbing dead date trunk Says,
Oh ageless Prophet.
You used to recline on me
Before you built the Mimber and Minaret.
Now as you pass me toward your Masjid.
Today as the sadness overtook me for eternity,
Yet for me past days was of full of joy,
As the endless Eid.
Sobbing dead date trunk Saye,
Oh ageless Prophet.
Your separation pain is too dire,
For this dead tree to digest.
Roast leg of lamb Says,
Oh Prophet Muhammad Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim.
Please don't eat me,
I have been poisoned by doubters dubious scheme.
Please don't eat me,
I am very toxic.
Roast leg of lamb Says,
Oh Prophet Muhammad Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim.
Please don't eat me,
I will make you sick.

Grilled goat Says,
Jesus revived the dead,
Who had flesh and skin.
But I was pile of eaten bones,
On my way to the dustbin.
He revived me from the dead,
To proclaim the religion of Islam.
By the Greatest of all Prophets Imam of all Imam.
To proclaim he is the Prophet of Allah,
Muhammad Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallam.
I saw I was standing by my body after my slay.
And I saw brother killed brother,
In theirs slaughtering play.
And scared he run,
Claiming the stairs as he went high.
And jumped from the roof,
To join the dead brother after he die.
And I saw dignity of Shahaba,
The father and mother.
With ocean of sorrow in theirs heart,
But in the eye not a drop of tear.
They welcomed the Prophet,
As nothing had happened.
But he asked where are the children,
Oh wife and husband.
He said where are the children,
Oh my Shahaba call them so we may eat together.
And I saw dam was broken now,
Abd came the flawing tear.
They said Ya Rasulullah Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim.
This is real tragedy,
We never imagined in our dream.
As I slaughtered a goat,
For you dinner.
My eldest boy thought,
This was the thriller.
Just for sake of thrill,
He took the knife for brother to kill.
And as he saw his brother does not wake up,
After he had severed his head.
He went to the roof,
And jumped to join the dead.
And after Prophet revived them back to life,
After they had theirs meal.
He said to the gathered pile of bones,
Be alive by ALLAH'S will.
And the ghost goat too was revived,
Back to my original body.
Yet I can see my old skin,
Was getting ready.
To become the leather shoe.
I thought my body is not me,
I am who is my Ruh.
Grilled goat Says,
If ocean dries up,
Only to return as the dew.
Al Badr Qatada Says,
Father of all visual Majeja,
Is the husband of the Bibi Khadija.
Jesus healed the blind,
Who had eye ball in his eye socket.
But the day I came with one hand holding my eye socket,
Another hand holding the eye ball, What came out by the flying rocket.
I came to holy Prophet, Muhammad Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim.
He placed it back in the empty eye socket,
What become full of light beam.
Al Badr Qatada Says,
With the eye Allah I can only see during the day.
But with the eye of Rasulullah,
I can see day and night same way.
Holy Prophet Muhammad,
Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim Said.
Before Al Qurqn descended,
I used to pass certain Meccan street.
A rock used to send its salam to greet.
It used to Muhammadur Rasulullah,
It used to call me Prophet of Allah. Even before I received the message of Al Quran.
That rock used to greet me,
As the Prophet Ar Rahman.
Holy Prophet Muhammad,
Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim Said.
I can still recognize that rock,
The stone that greeted me as Prophet of Al Haqq.