Ordinary Miracle

Our Dreams

Dream well the story of today
Where soppy ties have no meaning
In a world where we are stringed as puppets
And life’s value, tends to disappear

Under the shade
Of cunningly crippling umbrella
Pang of subdued cries
Against tangible oppressors
Come into form
Within the conscious psyche
As the sun above today

But not today

Here at the Trust,
Compassion, dignity, inclusion
Trust and respect
Runs through our veins

Whether a host or a guest
A leader or a follower
Or perhaps, you’re shedding hopes
to weary souls
No saviour pays blind eyes
And find contentment
In personal pain a pleasure

Day that haste away from dawn
With its goals yet unmet
Is forever dwarfed
By nights talesyet untold

We’ll spend a lifetime here and again,
Simply because we know the way
Forever realising our dreams
Relishing in our passion
And avoiding any regrets

Perhaps you’ll join us one day
 Side by side
As we begin again
To share our dreams.


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