Beautiful Disaster


She goes to the well
Because Mama wanted water
And she always aims to please
When she draws the bucket
It is only half full
But she wants a full bucket
Only half is unacceptable
She either returns with a full bucket
Or nothing at all
When she reaches for the bucket
She loses her balance
And falls
But as she falls
She sees a rope
And she grabs a hold of it
But she loses her grip
And again she falls
Further and further
Down into the well
As she falls
She looks up at the well opening
And then down into the darkness
She dwells on the misery
She is about to endure
Completely oblivious to rope
Hanging down next to her
As she falls
She plans for a future alone
At the bottom of the well
Instead of focusing
On what is happing to her right now
She hits the bottom
Once again she sees the rope
She grabs onto to it
And slowing she starts
Trying to climb
Out of the well
But she is not alone
Someone is pulling her up
But she is constantly looking back
From where she had come
She had almost reached the top
But she got shaking
Unsure of herself
She was sore
And tired
She let go
And she falls
All the while thinking about
Those horrible times at the bottom
Instead of the good times
That await her outside of the well
She hits the ground
And she just sits there
Not knowing what to do
She doesn't want to fall again
She looks around
But she can't find the rope
This could be because
Her eyes were closed
She was blindly trying
To find the rope
Finally she opens her eyes
And then she sees the rope
It had been right in front of her
All along
She grabs hold again
But she is not alone
Someone is pulling her up.

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