Beautiful Disaster

What happened?

I don't understand
How people can be so cruel
Making jokes at other's expense
Ignoring those who aren't in there “clique”
Profanity is everywhere
It's all just a joke, right?
Do they know how harsh their words are
That words can hurt more than sticks and stones
Hate is the new love
Love has no real meaning
It's just a cliche
It is thrown around so much
But hate is the same
Jokes are no longer funny
Everyone gets laughs from violence and cruelty
No one has any morals
Anything goes, right?
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll
Without the rock and roll
Everything is a double-edged sword
If you do, you're “gay”
If you don't, you're “gay”
Everyone is imperfect
And only known for their flaws
People join together to hurt
Not to help
All that was once pure
Is now made dirty
There is no innocence

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