Beautiful Disaster


For those of you
That would like to know more about me
I write this poem
In hopes that you will see

I am a writer
A thinker
An observer
A dreamer

I want peace and love
And I don't understand why we can't all get along
The reasons we are fighting are so trivial
If would could put down the guns
And raise our voices
How much further would we be

Everyone judges everyone else
Based on appearance
Media is force-feeding us these lies
Telling us we need to look like this
And act like that
And although we, ourselves can't achieve it
We expect everyone else too.

The bad thrives here.
Something good happens its remembered for a week
Something bad happens its remember for a year
The news is always showing all the crime and tragedy
Is that all America is?

I love to love
I love to care
I love to trust
I want everyone to be happy
And I will help them get there if I can
I try to understand
And if I don't
I will try to find someone who does

I use humor for everything
I love to laugh
And love to make others laugh
I'm the comic relief in a serious conversation
Smiles are what makes the world go round
It doesn't have to be big
Most of the time it's the simple things
That make us smile the most

Music is my escape.
Turn up the music
Block out the world
It always has to be playing
Zone out
Sing out loud

God is my father
My leader
My teacher
My safety
I don't what I would do without him
He is my hero
He saves me over and over again
He's help me get through a lot
And has given me so many second chances
No one is that forgiving

My friends are amazing
They know everything about me
And still hang out with me
We stay up late
Watching Disney movies
Just be stupid
We have our inside jokes
And are similar
And yet completely different

My family and I
Have been through a lot
And although sometimes they tick me off
I can't help but love them
Now that My older brother is at college
We are closer
My younger brother and I are always laughing
My parents and I are surviving
Its getting harder
But I know it will get better

I love my creatures
I have three dogs
And two cats
I love them with my heart
I can't be upset around them
When they lay their heads on my lap
Or bring their toys to me
Or sleep next to me
Or give me millions of little kisses
They are my smile

I guess I'm kind of a loser
I actually try in school
And survive with As and Bs
I'm kind of antisocial at school
But I am coming out of my shell
I always do my homework
And listen to the teacher
I guess that's just who I am

I've been through a lot
A lot more then anyone could ever know
I don't think it shows in normal day life
How much I hate myself
And how I wanted to die
I'm scared to fail
Or get rejected
I withdraw...its my only safety
But I am fighting it now
And getting stronger each day

People today are so oblivious
And ignorant
They throw words around
Like they have no meaning
And for most people they don't
But there are still a few people                                                            
Who cringe every time they hear that word
We are desensitized
We are selfish
And only care about what is going on with us
If it doesn't involve us it doesn't matter
We might help strangers
But we ignore our neighbors
We hate

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