Beautiful Disaster

What He Did For Us

A bare cross
Just two logs tied together
He carried it on His back
Walking through crowds of jeering people
He was whipped and beaten
He was stripped of His clothes
He was publicly humiliated
They laid Him on the cross
And drove three nails
Into His hands and His feet
They placed a crown of thrones on His head
And a sign around His neck
To make a mockery of Him
I.N.R.I.-King of the Jews
The guards offered Him a sponge
Soaked in vinegar
That was supposed to ease the pain
He refused
He suffered the maximum torture
He didn't do it for Himself
He did it for us
He was an innocent man
But was convicted
Of crimes He did not commit
Simply because they were worried
That He would become to powerful
Simply because He was not what they had expected
And not what they wanted
He didn't fight
He spilled His blood
So we didn't have to
Because He loved us so much
We didn't deserve it
We were the ones to convict Him
And He still sacrificed Himself for us
As our sins were placed on Him
God cried
Because He could not look at His son
God can only see what is perfect and good
And as He died a most painful death
With His last breath He called out
"It is finished"
He was a divine being
Yet He died as if He was a common criminal
And when He died
He did not go to Heaven
For three days He suffered through Hell
Until He rose again
Only then could He join His father in Heaven
He is the only reason we can get to Heaven
Because by going through Him
Our sins are washed way
And we can live in the presence of God

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