Beautiful Disaster


These hands with bitten fingernails and scars from years before
These hangs that have grown with me through all my years and will for many more
These hands have done horrible things
Things I dare not say
These hands have done wonderful things
Things to help others in some sort of way
Each day I wake up and stare at these hands to see
The memories of so many years
I used these hands to hide from “monsters” and to stand up to my fears
To wipe away the tears
And to wave my hands and cheer
These hands have helped to guide me through the years
To teach me that thrones hurt and velvet is so soft
To feel the funny feel of snakes
And the refreshing feel of lakes
To help lead me in the dark
To help me leave my mark
And so I decided with all my hands can do
I would love to use them to serve you
And only you Lord.

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