Beautiful Disaster

Older Son

I've stayed home
And worked for you
I have done everything
You've asked me to do

He took your money
And ran away
He spent it all
Within a day

But when he returns
Starving and broken
You welcomed him back
With a word being spoken

You had a party
And showered him with gifts
As if all of his wrongdoings
Had just been a myth

I don't understand
What he has done
He betrayed you
I'm the loyal one

You never threw  
Such a party for me
When I've been good
How can that be

Not even once
Did you offer me a small goat
But when he comes home
He gets the finest coat

He gets the fatted cow
And a brilliant gold ring
And for all that I've done
I haven't gotten a thing

Is this what I must do
To get you to see me
Run away
Do just as he

But you tell me
All you have in mine
All I have to do is ask
Just give you a sign

You tell me he was lost
But now he's found
He's been set free
From the sin that had him bound

I am supposed to show mercy toward him
Because he's been saved today
Because he came back
After running away

I can not do it
I must refuse
Obviously you don't care about me
It's him you choose

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