Beautiful Disaster

Hiding in the Corner

She slowly pushes open the door
Exposing wandering souls
She tries to find a soul to go with hers
But it appears that no one has the same goals

So she slips away from the crowd
And finds a corner where she can hide
Away from everyone else
All those voices that lied

She is consumed by thoughts
Undaunted and uninterrupted
She tries to ignore them
But they erupted

She drags the razor across her wrist
She holds her throbbing arm
It consumes her mind for a moment
Mesmerizes her like a charm

Pills make her stomach churn
Pain enters her head and invades
Her heart races
But those feelings fade

Its only a matter of time
Before her mind is filled with lost dreams
Bittersweet emotions
Hypothetical scenes

Memories of a disconsolate childhood
Regrettable mistakes
Tainted beliefs
Provides for endless nights lying awake

Constantly overwhelmed with loneliness
Questioning her flaws
She feels so broken and unwanted
She can't measure up to the lines that she draws

She knows she doesn't need a relationship
And her happiness doesn't rely upon a guy
Her head tries to control her heart
But her heart refuses to comply

She tells herself she's ugly
And will never be enough
Everyone tells her she is perfect
But she can call their bluff

She hides in the safety of her corner
She can't fail if she never tries
She can't be rejected if she never asks
No one has to see her when she cries

She also protects herself from the world
Love's cliche
Cruelty's humor
Hatred's stay

She wants to fight against injustice
And not tolerate their indifference of one another
But as she calls out from her corner
But her voice, society smothers

But she has faith
God has given her multiple second chances
He stayed with her and carried her load
He's encouraged her during her setbacks and her advances

She has given it all to Him
And she takes His hand
As He pulls her out of the corner
And helps her to stand

She is still really scared
What if she can't do it
What if she can't find her niche
And becomes a misfit

But she takes a deep breath
And tries to stand up tall
With one last glance at the corner
She walks away from the wall

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