childhood abuse (my story using rhyme) 
  Natalie Rawlings

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Whatever is this feeling,
I wish That i could tell.
Why can't they just leave me alone,
I hope they burn in hell.

I can't stand annoying people,
Bullies that's what they are.
I can't believe they have done so much,
And got away with it so far.

This feeling of anger and hate,
Makes me feel so bad.
I never thought i would hate anyone,
But they are just so sad.

The phone calls get me down,
They intimidate me in the streets.
They really think there something special,
But disliked by most people they meet.

I get on well with most people,
So can it possibly be me.
They keep on so much they just can't leave it drop,
There just making more enemies.

And all i did was dump a boy,
Who hit me and put me down.
He always made me feel so small,
When i was with him all i did was frown.

He used to break my things,
I lost so much with him,
We split up many years ago,
But my ego's still quite thin.

How can people be like this,
It's really sad to see.
They can't just move on with their lives,
And just leave me be.

The point of this poem is.....,
Well there really isn't one.
It's just nice to get my feelings out,
And that's just what I've done.

Copyright 2008 Natalie Rawlings

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