From my mind 
  Derrick David Henderson

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Keys clink, ignition on, press button the beast roars powerful mighty throng
Give choke one more stroke twist grip give a few more blips never goes wrong
Stands back admires mean machine, custom built, chrome plated, bluey green
What a sight all sparkling bright polished clean, dream come true dream machine.

Leather jacket zipped up tight, gloves fit snug, helmet on, scarf over mouth get visor right
Mounts steed throttle up lets clutch out hold on tight goodbye Derrick hello Black Knight.
Over grass onto road young free wild again, open throttle rush of speed then explode
Gone are worries aches and pains left behind they unload, back in saddle eyes on road.

Hair pin bends twists and turns throw it over exhilaration a real mean lean
Part of bike part of machine king of the road taking corners crisp and clean.
This is freedom wild part of my soul with adrenalin flowing and a thing called lust
Nothing stops me passing in that you can trust; envious eyes in cars eat my dust.

Wind blowing in face look at the scenery all around feelings and sights do astound
Riding through country, village or town just soaking it in taking it easy cruising around.
Part of my heart part of my soul a beautiful beast I control the one he loves not just likes
Feel the power live the dream
, not in cars even trikes the open road calls for me and bike.

Derrickę 9/4/2007

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