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stipe vs christ

who cares about water into wine
when he makes harmonies from strings
who cares of his wondering ways
gumping his way through Galilee
My god was in a light from day one
he sings for the people
yours hasn't made a peep
speaking hippie talk and pothead walk
jibber jabbers of love
all are equal
seeing that he is a Jew
makes you think how equal can us gentiles be
My god is beautiful
not too impress with the 2ND coming of Christ
more in tune withe the first coming of stipe
john 3:16"blah blah blah you suck and you are going to die and unless you believe in a invisible father figure in the sky
you will burn forever and ever
VS.stipe 14:60 "This is my world and i am world leader pretend, this is my life and this is my time. I have been given the freedom to do i see fit. its high time i raise the walls that I've constructed"
son of god makes his place by men
son of songs makes his place by humans
yell with me so we can change the moments
sell with me the clearance sale we have on morality
lets instead of singing another boring hymn
lets hum in a harmony life and how to live it

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stipe vs christ