SWEETSWORDS 84 [ The Estimate of Kursi and Arsh ]

SWEETSWORDS 84 [ The Estimate of Kursi and Arsh ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
When there was nothing,
There was the vacuum.
The womb of light,
Without fire without fume.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
When there was nothing,
There was the cause.
To effect the infinite motion,
In the eternal pause.
And speed spun out,
From the stillness of eternity.
And pen begun to write with finite ink,
The journey of time with the words of Infinity.
Hermes Says,
It is true without falsehood.
Only the truth reside there,
In the blessed Makam e Mahmood.
Certain and most true,
That which above is like that of bellow.
That is the one and only,
What is the singular solo.
Hermes said the truth
Written in honest alphabet.
He said it in honesty,
Written in the emerald tablet.
Hanuman Says,
It is for sure oh Lord Raam.
Draw one unified kingdom
With ten different realm.
Now from ten names
Take the first letter.
And learn for sure,
What needs to be known in past present and in future.
Hanuman Says,
It is for sure oh Lord Raam.
It is the design of one and only kingdom,
With ten different diagram.
Jesus Said,
When you make the two in one,
And d inside like outside.
And when you make male as female,
And the part as the whole without divide.
So that male be not male,
And female be not female.
Then you will see the Kingdom of God.
Jesus Said when you make two as one,
And one as two you will find your abode.
Prophet Muhammad Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallam Said,
Glory be to Allah and praises as great as his number.
Extent of his satisfaction,
And the weight of his cubical chamber.
And the ink,
Needed to write down its countless sign.
Prophet Muhammad Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallam Said,
Behold the Sacred Sandal design.
The only footmark that is imprinted in that house,
Is the digram of my Na Laynn.
Nothingness was never there,
As eternal Allah was always in existence.
For nothing to exist
It too need the sustenance.
Therefore nothingness is only of the creation,
But not of the Creator.
For nothingness to exist,
It too must need the sustainer.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : I have two pockets,
One is full one empty.
One is void other is voluminous,
But have theirs own entity.
These are two conditions of this creation,
Silent death and living vibration.
Therefore Allah is beyond my visual reach.
But every particles in the creation,
Are vibrated by his Sacred speech.
And from the Arsh,
Vibration of his words of mercy,
Creating the circular waves,
Within the cubical Kursi.
Bellow him,
Muhammad Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim.
Is the water,
Above him is the Throne of the Creator.
This are the reality of the Kursi and Arsh.
Hidden Creator,
And his manifest creature's carcass.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : His throne was above the water.
It doesn't mean something was in between,
Water and the Creator.
Therefore don't speak the heresy,
Don't invoke wrath of Allah,
And deprive from his mercy.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : When his Arsh was above the water,
Where was the Kursi.
Where copying of Shariah is blessing of Allah,
There contemplation on Marifa is his mercy.
It is with inner understandings,
You learn outer bounds of Islam.
It is the mokruh what is doubtful,
Clear are the halal and haram.