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What happened to my youth, my yesterday?

All the time I had to play. Where did my dreams go?

Life's demands have taken its toll.

Looking in the mirror my age lines never cease,

without warning their numbers increase. Who will

still love me still hold me dear? Reaching middle

age becoming aware of this inner growing fear.

Reflecting on my fate, an old woman passes me by

singing a song,"Oh, my days have been many and my

lovers plenty". In disbelief,thinking she must be

83,at least.

I turned and found her waiting for our eyes to

meet. She gestured me to take a seat, saying "I

see my old self in you, that certain sadness so

difficult to defeat.

We cannot change life's course, what we think and

feel today, indeed, we experience tomorrow. one

should not fear nor in it wallow,having little

time left to borrow."

As though touched by grace, finally, my inner

beauty I could embrace Many years later, walking

along singing my song, a younger woman passes me by....

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The Old Woman



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