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Friend or Foe

Why won't they just let me be? Looking from the
inside out questioning friend or foe?the later
is what it feels and most resemble. I give myself
away in a world that finds pleasure watching me
break,expecting my life to crumble.

To quick to say they had nothing to do with,
why I am today. acceptance they always had
resistance for. I Emerge through their criticism
and judgments. Listening to their after hours
dissection of my spirit I was forced to abandon.
Several attempts to prove my worth fell
upon the blind and deaf. All the hours I'd
cry myself to sleep, no one thought to take
a peek. Left to my own demise, ripping
apart from the inside.

Now I am told I'm losing it, It is I who is lost,
angry and mean. I feel them  closing
in on me as they secretly whisper in the shadows.

I thought I was getting back on track, being
creative with the ability to laugh. Yet one by
one.....No, I don't wish to hear how much for me
they fear. Give me a break!
You all are making a big mistake. Look at your
own life's for God sakes.
It feels more like they're obsessing over
what they can't control. Perhaps they should
take time out to recognize what in them, lies.
I feel it is coming to the time that I must save
my dignity and cut all ties.
So, where are they now? Never to look back to
see they left me to die. How many times?
Only to turn it all around and put the blame
on me. So justified, so self righteously
watching me bleed.

No place to run or hide from this heavy weight
I bare. What am I to do with the fault, blame
and despair. As they try to put some kind of
labeled illness,convincing themselves their
more stable.

They watch from afar with arms folded with no
blink to spare, dropped in the deep-end I drown.
"Sorry folk's shows over."  To bad, it didn't
last long enough each said and all left wearing
a frown.

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