Beautiful Disaster

Self-denied Beauty

She denies what they say
She just can't see herself that way
But the beauty she denies                    
Sparkles in her eyes
It shines through
Because she is true
She doesn't try to put on an act
And her words and actions make an impact
She dedicates herself to things she is passionate about
And will stay strong in her beliefs, even when others doubt
She believes that everyone has a good side
And is determined to find it no matter how hard it tries to hide
She has an opinion on everything
Although her bittersweet response can sting
She can empathize with you
And try to give you an alternate view
But she can also make you smile
And get you laughing for a while
She is not beautiful because of the size of her clothes
She is beautiful because of the way
Her face glows
Her love flows
Her heart knows
Because of the choices she chose
The places she goes
And the way her faith grows
She is beautiful to almost everyone
And although she can't quite see it yet, she has only just begun.

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