Beautiful Disaster

A Writer's Sonnet

There are certain laws
Certain rules to follow
To write the perfect sonnet
But the writer controls the words
Controls what the sonnet says
A strict format
With freedom within
The ink flows
Being careful not to write outside of the lines
Every once in a while
Some ink spills over the line
A strict reprimand is given
But then the writer goes on
As the pen moves down the paper
It leaves behind blotches and strike-outs
But there are blank lines ahead
At the end of the sonnet
It is given to the teacher
The teacher straightens out the paper
And whites out all the mistakes
He makes a few changes
And fixes some errors
Before turning it into the principal
Sadly, if the writer never turns the sonnet into the teacher
The teacher cannot edit it
Therefore when the principal comes to collect the papers
He cannot even accept those who haven't been edited
There are too many mistakes
The principal told the writers that he would send a teacher
To come and erase our mistakes
But some writers chose not to listen
Even after several announcements and warnings
The Principal gave us one sonnet to write
As God gave us one life to live
The Principal sent a teacher to lead us and erase our mistakes
God sent us a Savior to erase our sins
Those who heed His warnings
Will have eternal life

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