Beautiful Disaster


After watching “Where's Phil”
I started to speak
You pointed out my lisp
Making color rush to my cheek
I covered my face
“Don't worry,” you said
“I think it's cute”
I just shook my head
You brought me a chair
And we sat in front of the TV
You started asking all these questions
About me
At first I was unsure
But I answered them anyways
Then I asked you the questions
To see what you had to say
You said the perfect things
You knew the right words
Even in a big group
You were the only one I heard
But I refused to believe
You could ever fall for me
You just knew how to play a girl
“Us” could never be
We started to become friendly
We shared some nice talks
And tried to enjoy
Our strictly supervised walks
Within in a couple days
I was a hopeless mess
I had feelings
I could not suppress
Finally when I could stand it no longer
I told you of this boy I knew
And how much I liked him
And then I told you that boy was you
You said
You felt the same way
But when you asked me out
I didn't know   what to say
I thought for a while
And I'll have to confess
I wasn't quite sure
But I still said yes
I looked down at you
You looked up at me
You gave me the sweetest smile
I ever did see
Standing close
Holding hands
Trying to ignore
The hospital bands
When I looked at you
You would smile and wink
You could always
Make my cheeks bright pink
You brushed the hair off my face
And your lips touched my cheek
I had to hold myself up
Because my knees went weak
But the nurses were on to us
So we had to be sly
We would hold hands
But then let go when they walked by
Your room was next to mine
So you would always pound on the wall
And make a lot of noise when you passed my room
So I could come greet you in the hall
I lived this fairy tale
For about a week or so
Until the doctor decided
I could go
I was happy to leave that place
But sad to leave you  behind
And even though I haven't seen you since
Memories are still fresh in my mind

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